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This Plagiarism Checker is the best free plagiarism checker available on the internet today. This tool improves content quality by comparing billions of documents to find duplicate text in assignments, articles, websites, etc.

Tutorial video on how to use this free tool:

How does the SEO Plagiarism Checker work?

SEO Plagiarism Checker extracts text from an essay, assignment or content and matches it with text from other sources, such as documents available on the internet.This platform's plagiarism checker online tool is a lightning-fast program that delivers findings in a matter of seconds. Users will not have to go through any complicated steps to utilize our plagiarism checker. This facility's user-friendly interface enables the procedure of checking plagiarism free of complexities.

Plaigairism Checker Online free tool

The Advantages of Serchezy's Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker free application provided by Serchezy'is unparalleled in terms of the benefits it gives to its consumers. Everyone, from students to professors, researchers, authors, publishers, and bloggers, may profit from Serchezy's plagiarism detection, which has the following advantages:

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Our plagiarism checker is an Online application that can be viewed from any device. You will not need to install a plugin or program to use our plagiarism checker online service. Whether you have an Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac device, you can quickly use our online plagiarism Checker and identify instances of plagiarism. All you need to detect plagiarism online on Serchezy is a solid internet connection on your device.

URL integration 

url integration

You may use this online free plagiarism test tool to detect plagiarism not only by uploading different types of documents, but also by entering a website URL. Simply input the URL of the webpage and click the "Check Plagiarism" button, and you're done.


Our anti-plagiarism engine has a reporting feature that allows you to get a report of the plagiarism search you performed. This means you now have proof to give to the appropriate parties as well as a record to maintain.

Many languages

This function lets you check for plagiarism in texts written in languages other than English. So, whether your material is written in Arabicitaliano, français, Português, Espaol, or German, our tool can speak it.

A list-based, sentence-by-sentence outcome

The program goes beyond just displaying the percentages of plagiarized and genuine material. It also displays, sentence-by-sentence, both plagiarized (if there is any) and unique portions of the content piece in a list manner for simple identification. Unoriginal phrases are highlighted in red, whereas original phrases get highlighted in green for your ease.

Viewing of matched results

You may read the other material which corresponds to the red phrases in your text directly within the tool. In addition, the Web address of the other site is provided for easy and quick analysis.

The Value of a Plagiarism Detector

If you want to have a better Authority on SERP (Search Engine Results Page), never post excessively copied material.

Plagiarism or duplicate material might result in a lower page rank. If your article, blog, or web page material is not fully original, you are at a substantially larger risk of being banned by search engines, particularly Google. You may use our similarity checker's free plagiarism detection tool to verify the content on your own website to ensure that no one has stolen your stuff. Aside from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), students and professors can use our free plagiarism checker for academic purposes.

How Does the Plaigurism Scanner Works?

It is quite simple!

Plagiarism checker is a smart, free, and very precise bit of technology.

The material you enter is evaluated based on its 

  • lexical frequencies,
  • phrase selection,
  • matching phrases
  • as well as several other critical variables

Your provided text is mapped into our internal network and then compared to various databases and the full internet. To give a better and more effective search for suspected plagiarism in the text, we created our algorithm to specifically disregard statistically prevalent terms. When the plagiarism test is finished, the results will be displayed below, along with the match % discovered by our top plagiarism tool.



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SEO Explained: What It Is and Why It Matters

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