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This reverse search feature that is available on our site gives three ways for conducting an image search. This sophisticated tool for image retrieval does not limit itself to just one method of operation. You can accomplish it using:

  • Entering Image URL

  • Uploading an image

  • Keywords for search

How to Search by Image?

Searching for photos is no longer a difficult process because the reverse image search tool is available on Serchezy to assist you around all hours of the day. You can conduct an image search using this tool online by uploading the desired image to the local storage on your device. The tool is working hard to simplify the process for its users. As a result, it allows you to reverse search an by dragging and dropping images. The reverse image search feature can be used to cloud-based storage (Google Drive and Dropbox). If your image is saved to your account on cloud storage, you are able to immediately import it in no time to use the search feature on photos. Once you're finished uploading your photo the program will utilize its sophisticated CBIR technology to display the results along with the top image search engines, such as Yandex, Google, and Bing.

Google Reverse Image Search

The Google image search engine is by far the most commonly used search engine for images due to its huge database, which contains billions of images uploaded on the internet. It is recommended to utilize images search Google to try to locate similar images to the image you're looking for. The Google search by image feature is the best option for those looking for similar images with different qualities sizes, formats, or sizes. This online feature allows you to explore images results from Google results in just one click.

Yandex Reverse Image Search

The reverse image lookup is also able to retrieve outcomes from Yandex images search engine. Yandex is widely known as Russian Google and its image search engine stands out against other engines because of its ability to identify locations and face match. This reverse image search is free and allows you to find information about famous people or scenic beauty with Yandex results by image.

How do you reverse-search an image by using your phone or PC

A lot of the time users are restricted from using certain web-based services that can only be used on a desktop. But, this isn't the situation with our reverse lookup tool. Like you can perform Google's reverse image search on a PC or laptop, searching by image on mobile devices is executed in the same way. Therefore, no matter what device you're using to searching, you won't have compatibility issues using this application.

Reverse Image Search on Phone

We have created this tool accessible to all types of devices. Google image search with a phone could be accomplished with any android or iOS tablet and smartphone. Let's talk about both:

Picture Search on an Android vs iOS Phone

Have you received a photo from a loved one via your Android phone and aren't sure what to do with the picture? Don't worry! You can search for images using an Android device too. You won't experience any problems using our application on Android devices.

Google's image search on iOS can also be used similarly for Android phones. If you use Safari or another web browser, you are able to access Google search using images on iPhone and locate similar photos in just a few seconds.

Reverse image search on PC

Are you looking to find the source for an image that you came across on a web site? You can Google reverse search for an image on your computer in minutes. This is possible with Windows or Mac both So let's look at these:

Search for pictures on Desktop Windows vs. Mac

The search for images on your desktop is easy to do and lets you upload your image to your personal computer and cloud storage. Simply open the browser on any Windows OS on any computer. Drag and drop your image onto this tool, and it's definitely the most efficient method.

If all devices are secured, how can Mac users not feel disappointed? Yes! The image search function on Mac is similar to the browser that you launch on an Mac device. This online utility is available to all users regardless of the device they're using.


Search is fairly standard!

If you're looking for details on the most adorable dogs on the planet, all you have to do was type in your search query "top 10 cutest most adorable most amazingly gorgeous puppies ever" and the search engine will give you the most relevant results it can find you, surely?

Now, imagine that in a different setting you came across the photo of a cute dog you've always admired?

Let's say that you didn't have any idea about it, therefore you were looking for more information about the dog or perhaps see some of its pictures.

How do you find the details?

This is where Image Search comes in handy.


In simple terms the term "similar image search" is a type of online search where the user uploads an image (instead of typing in the keyword in a voice or text format) to locate data based on the query.

Google Images is a great tool for finding similar images. Google Images you can quickly find visually similar images all over the internet and get the information that relates to a photograph such as the location of objects within it, as well as metadata such as what the title of an object is.

For instance in the event that you upload the picture of our adorable puppy the engine will display something similar to this:

In terms of technical terminology reverse picture search operates with a query method known as content-based imaging retrieval (CBIR) -which is also called queries by images (QBIC) as well as content-based visual information retrieval (CBVIR) -using computer vision when retrieving digital pictures from the Internet by relying on mathematical models. This is exactly what happens when Google's search engine uses image. To find the data an image sample is the key element in forming the search query, thus making it unnecessary for users to figure out the keywords.

There are a lot of technical aspects to reverse image lookups however it's not necessary to get bogged down with them. Instead, let's take a examine what you can do by using photos search.


There are a myriad of wonderful things with reverse image image lookup. But here are a few:

Learn More About the Object of an Image

Do you remember our adorable puppy? By doing reverse image searches we found out that the puppy belongs to the breed known as Shiba Inu, which is the most compact of the original six and distinct breeds of spitz dogs that are native to Japan. We also found that this adorable puppy is so agile and can handle extremely well with mountains terrain.

Find Visually Similar Images

Are you thinking of using identical images but in different designs? Google reverse Image Search meta lets users to search for visually related or similar images similar to the image in the sample.

Find the Original Sources of Images

If you are looking to locate an image source that will provide the correct credit to the creator of the image but you have difficulty determining the creator of the image, The image source search tool is the ideal answer to your problem.

Find Plagiarized Photos

Foto pilferers might think they're clever, but a google image search makes you more intelligent! If you own a lot of original photographs and wish to determine if someone is making use of them without permission or granting any credit Google's reverse image tool will be your new friend. You'll be able find out how many other websites contain your photo.

Create Backlink Opportunities

Don't rely on a tool for finding pictures to locate people using your photos , but without giving credit, request for them to acknowledge you as the creator and to link back to your website. Great for SEO!

Identify People, Places, and Products

Do you have images of people, places or products that you're not familiar with? No worries! Upload them, and reverse image search will find them for you, as long as you have identical photos or online information.

Discover More Versions of a Particular Image

It could be that the present version of the image isn't doing the job. By using reverse image lookup, you can find more variations of an image, which could mean the image is different in size, format or one that's less as blurry.

Detect Fake Accounts

You think you're adorable and someone could be using your photo to create an account that is fake on social media? Reverse picture lookup can help keep your image clean and if you suspect that you're being victimized by catfishing and another person has a fake name in a social media account. Doing a reverse scammer image search using a reverse picture lookup tool can uncover the true person.


Similar Photo Finder developed by SerchezyTools is an photo search and image recognition tool. Our experts are in the field of computer vision, pattern recognition and photo search.

This Image Search tool is easy to use it is reliable and will search for any image on the internet. It's all it takes for you to upload your photo and our advanced algorithm will provide the most compatible images, as well as the full information about the image immediately by drawing information from our databases from Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Here's the process:

Have your query photo handy. You can upload photos that are in your Photo Library or snap an entirely new photo using your smartphone's camera. You can also upload images already stored in your cloud storage providers such as Google Drive as well as Dropbox. Therefore, the first step is to get the images you'd like to find at one of these places.

Upload your image query by copying the URLs to online images, or uploading images on your device or selecting the image you want to upload that you have downloaded from Dropbox as well as Google Drive. Upload images with .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG and .GIF extensions.

Next, click "Search Similar Image" to start the search.

After that, our algorithm will handle the rest, searching for details on Google, Bing, and Yandex to give you the most relevant images and their related information. All you need to do is click "Check Images" to view results based on the platform.

Our Users Privacy

The images you upload using our reverse image search tool is secure and safe. We don't sell or share any of your pictures and we do not store your information within our databases. You can rest assured that your data is secure with us. 




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