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What is Whois Database?

The WHOIS domain database is a comprehensive list of all internet-registered domains. For legal reasons, WHOIS records are often and meticulously updated, making them the finest source of information on who owns a domain and how to contact the domain owner. WHOIS verification can be used to detect infringement on registered trademarks, prevent spam or fraud, and, in some situations, negotiate the purchase of a domain from one party to another. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) manages WHOIS information, and yearly changes are required by the domain registrar from whence the owner acquired the name.

How does Serchezy WHOIS tool works

The Serchezy WHOIS tool  makes it simple to discover your ideal domain. Begin by putting your desired domain name into the search area above to access the WHOIS database for domains and internet number resources (including the IP address). If the exact domain name you looked for is already in use, you may see the WHOIS data for that domain by following the prompt to discover who owns it. The WHOIS domain record will include information such as domain owner lookup, creation date, and expiration date. If your selected domain is already taken, the program will suggest alternative excellent possibilities for you to explore.

How do I conduct a WHOIS domain lookup?


You've come to the right site if you want to check up WHOIS domain records. Simply enter the domain name into the above search tool, and we will do a WHOIS lookup. If the domain name is available, it signifies that no one presently owns it and that it is available for purchase and registration. If it is currently registered, the prompt "see WHOIS record for this domain" will appear, allowing you to read the complete WHOIS domain data.


Is the WHOIS domain search tool free?

Yes, Serchezy's WHOIS IP lookup tool is a free service. The WHOIS domain lookup tool provides all of the information you need to choose the finest domain for your business, and if your preferred domain isn't accessible, it gives wonderful alternatives to consider. You may also use the search box above to discover WHOIS information on the domain of your choosing. You'll know when it expires so you can register it when it does. You may do as many searches as you like using the free WHOIS domain lookup tool.

Which information is given by a WHOIS search?

The WHOIS database will return the domain name registration records, which contain crucial information such as when the domain was registered, who it is registered to (and their associated IP addresses), and when it expires.


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